The Reindeer Feeder
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The Reindeer Feeder

Included inside your Reindeer Feeder pack is your very own Reindeer Feeder, Reindeer Feeder Feeding Licence and Sack. Give it a name, then fill out their Feeding Licence so they are ready to begin their important work!

A beautiful Reindeer Feeder book is enclosed – a story all about a Shrumann named Erik who discovers just how important the Reindeer Feeders are to Christmas!

Finally, you will also find a Reindeer Feeder decal inside the box. This must be placed on your window during the Christmas season. This decal acts as a signal to Santa letting him know that a Reindeer Feeder is inside the home and is on hand to help him and the reindeer!

Our aim is to create a new and imaginative tradition for families

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