How does it work?

Great question. The good news is The Reindeer Feeder is a hassle-free Christmas tradition!

Once your Reindeer Feeder is happily positioned on your mantle piece or window sill you do not need to move them again. Make sure your Shrumann’s feeding sack is placed close to them so that when Christmas Eve arrives they can put the carrots in the feeding sack, ready to pop up to your roof to feed the reindeer.


Next, make sure to place your window decal on your window in a spot where Santa can easily see it. This is so important because Santa will see this symbol and know there is help on hand. Santa can use all the help he can get on Christmas Eve with so many homes to visit in one night?!


Finally, to make sure your Shrumann is ready to begin their work, fill out the Reindeer Feeder Licence.

Give your Shrumann a name, fill out your address and sign it.



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